Our customers are pretty special people

They are not wealthy people. They, like everyone else, do things the hard way: they work hard at their jobs, have families; children to bring up, homes to look after and worries like all of us.

Yet, they are special people because of what they do. They remit money to friends, family or to others who are in need, because they want to help.

No one else knows of this helping hand they hold out to others more helpless than they are. Sometimes it is a parent, sometimes a sibling or cousin, sometimes it may be an aunt or uncle, sometimes it is not even a relative but someone who has looked after them when they were young, or those who have suffered a calamity.

This is their way of showing gratitude to these people who have touched their lives or to the country that gave them many opportunities.

ND was one of our very first customers. He would remit money to Sri Lanka once a month to a friend to help with the eduction of his friend's children. ND is suffering from a disease that was slowly eating away the strength from his muscles. At first there was nothing noticeable, but one day, instead of coming into the office, he was standing outside banging on the door. When I opened the door, he explained that he did not have the strength to turn the knob to open the door.

Soon he could not drive so he would ask a friend to drive him over so he could remit the money. Soon he found it difficult to travel, so he would ring me up and tell me he was sending the money through another person and would give me the details on the phone. Now he is unable to phone as he is totally paralysed, but now every month without fail his wife brings the $200 dollars he sends his friend. ND is special because in spite of his illness, he could think only of helping his friend.

PS: ND passed away in 2008. His wife continues the good work he began...

Ms AS was a university student when the Tsunami devastated Sri Lanka. Her grandfather in Sri Lanka informed her of the plight of some children who had been orphaned by the Tsunami and were destitute.

Ms. AS immediately went into action and asked her grandfather to set up an orphanage for these children. She organised various fund raising events in Australia and faithfully remits Rs. 30,000 each month to feed the 30 children who are in the orphanage.

A remarkable young lady who has gone out of her way to hold out a helping hand to others less fortunate.